• dharmvir asked on 28 Jul 2021

    How is the performance and does it is suitable for off-roading?

    • Cardekho experts
    • on 28 Jul 2021

    Nexon features an FWD drive type. An FWD car is more stable in wet and snow driving conditions due to the traction that the wheels get. The motor still sends vibrations into the cabin at ideal and sounds a bit crude as well. But luckily, most of these vibrations are limited to idling situations only. Get going and the engine now revs more linearly than before. The spikes in power delivery are subtle and won't bother you inside the city. Adding to the ease of drive is the light clutch, which is possibly the lightest we have driven in a long time. It does take a while to locate the bite point as the action is very linear and lacks feel, but is surely a plus point in your everyday drive. The Nexon's ride comfort will give you little reason to complain inside the city. However, the facelift changes on-road manners a wee bit. The initial firmness has been dialed up. While this means that the Nexon is quick to settle down after bumps and speed breakers, this also means that the surface updations are now more pronounced in the cabin. While driving on good roads, the passengers now have to deal with a bit of jitteriness which wasn't there before. Go over a bad patch, however, and the Nexon flattens it for the passengers. The suspension is silent and cushions the occupants well over most of the bigger undulations. It's only when you are driving over a particularly bad patch that the side to side movement in the cabin feels a bit jarring. Moreover, we would suggest you to take a test drive before making the final decision. Follow the link and select your desired city for dealership details.Read more -Tata Nexon Petrol BS6 Review.

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    • Bhupal
    • on 29 Jul 2021

    Ground clearance?

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