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ವೋಕ್ಸ್ವ್ಯಾಗನ್ ಪೋಲೊ 2015-2019 ಬಳಕೆದಾರರ ವಿಮರ್ಶೆಗಳು

Volkswagen Polo 2015-2019
Rs. 5.46 ಲಕ್ಷ - 9.81 ಲಕ್ಷ*
ಈ ಕಾರಿನ ಮಾದರಿ ಅವಧಿ ಮುಗಿದಿದೆ
ವೋಕ್ಸ್ವ್ಯಾಗನ್ ಪೋಲೊ 2015-2019 ನ ರೇಟಿಂಗ್
ಆಧಾರಿತ 363 ಬಳಕೆದಾರರ ವಿಮರ್ಶೆಗಳು

ವೋಕ್ಸ್ವ್ಯಾಗನ್ ಪೋಲೊ 2015-2019 looks ಬಳಕೆದಾರ ವಿಮರ್ಶೆಗಳು

  • All (363)
  • Mileage (90)
  • Performance (77)
  • Looks (117)
  • Comfort (113)
  • Engine (127)
  • Interior (57)
  • Power (95)
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  • ಇತ್ತೀಚಿನ
  • ಸಹಾಯಕವಾಗಿದೆಯೆ
  • German class in India

    Go for the Volkswagen Polo if you are looking for sporty and safe hatchback car.No doubt, it has captured the market with its awesome looks and superb styling. Every corner and everything in car soothes your eyes. Very dynamic and powerful, fun to drive the car. Super built the quality, posh and rich cabin. ಮತ್ತಷ್ಟು ಓದು

    ಇವರಿಂದ parin dedhiaverified Verified Buyer
    On: Jun 27, 2019 | 96 Views


    ಇವರಿಂದ mukesh kumar
    On: Jun 25, 2019 | 101 Views
  • Unmatched Quality And Guaranteed Driving Pleasure

    It is an excellent driver's car, it has a solid build quality and assuring drive guaranteed. You wouldn't get the driving confidence that this car delivers in any other car in this segment nor even in some cars above its segment. Cons- Rear legroom and space, not so silent engine compared to its rivals and expensive spares. On the basis of qualit...ಮತ್ತಷ್ಟು ಓದು

    ಇವರಿಂದ mahesh
    On: Aug 20, 2019 | 484 Views
  • Nice car and nice feeling

    Nice performance with good service. Awesome car if you are looking for safety with amazing built quality.

    ಇವರಿಂದ pravin manoreverified Verified Buyer
    On: Aug 04, 2019 | 30 Views
  • Good looking Car

    Volkswagen Polo is a very good car. It is truly a beauty. It is a complete package of good looks, good performance and above all its safety is the best. 

    ಇವರಿಂದ satnam saini
    On: Jul 10, 2019 | 28 Views
  • A Comfortable Car

    This is the best car in the segment. The look is good. It is a budget-friendly option in this price range. It is a comfortable car.

    ಇವರಿಂದ saravanan
    On: Jul 02, 2019 | 26 Views
  • Good Car

    Volkswagen Polo has got its look. The very eye is catchy. Afterall a Volkswagen can only build a Volkswagen. I like the interior of the car well.

    ಇವರಿಂದ gourab bal
    On: Jun 29, 2019 | 25 Views
  • for 1.0 MPI Highline Plus

    A Good Car

    This is a good car. The driving is smooth. The interior and exterior are so impressive. The looks are very stylish. 

    ಇವರಿಂದ ronaldo c
    On: Jul 24, 2019 | 30 Views
  • The Best Car

    The looks are luxury with comfort. The driving is good. It is the best car. 

    ಇವರಿಂದ userverified Verified Buyer
    On: Aug 07, 2019 | 25 Views
  • Awesome car

      Volkswagen Polo is an awesome car. The car is loaded with full of features like safety features. The stylish look of the car makes this car best.

    ಇವರಿಂದ baljinder singh
    On: Jul 21, 2019 | 20 Views
  • Polo GT TSI - the practical sports car

    I bought a polo GT TSI because of its performance and its every day usability. The car gives so much confidence even in high speed and looks if the car simply superb I took the candy white color because of the color simplicity and beauty. I really recommend this car to everyone whose budget is between 10-11 lakhs. ಮತ್ತಷ್ಟು ಓದು

    ಇವರಿಂದ sreekanth surendran
    On: Apr 19, 2019 | 69 Views
  • Value for money

    This is a good product. Handling is superb and sporty look.

    ಇವರಿಂದ durgaram suthar
    On: Apr 19, 2019 | 25 Views
  • The car is excellent

    The car is excellent its comfort and each and everything is good mainly its looks beautiful, and it picks up, braking, steering sensitivity everything is excellent.

    ಇವರಿಂದ dorayya chowdary
    On: Mar 29, 2019 | 145 Views
  • for 1.5 TDI Highline

    Simple By Looks, Beast By Its Power

    It's really a great experience to have a car like Volkswagen polo, I love its old school looks and if we talk about its power, then surely it's a beast in the hatchback segment. The one and only drawback in this car is its leg space in rear seats as I am 5.11" and I have to drag my seat behind while driving and due to this, the person behind me at ...ಮತ್ತಷ್ಟು ಓದು

    ಇವರಿಂದ armaan mehta
    On: Mar 27, 2019 | 28 Views
  • Best Car Ever

    A nice car with excellent performance. Good looking, powerful engine.

    ಇವರಿಂದ user
    On: Mar 27, 2019 | 26 Views
  • for 1.5 TDI Comfortline

    Dream car

    Safety with an awesome look and comfortable driving experience getting in Volkswagen Polo.

    ಇವರಿಂದ dr karthik tuppadverified Verified Buyer
    On: Jun 18, 2019 | 28 Views
  • Excellent - Comfortable

    Amazing Comfortable car. If you not looking into mileage then you done with this car. Long drive1000Km in one stretch I drove without any back pain or legs pain. Much comfortable car. I drove this car for nearly 1Lakh km till now no problem with this car. 3 negative things people say about this car 1. Mileage low — Car is weight, built so strong an...ಮತ್ತಷ್ಟು ಓದು

    ಇವರಿಂದ karthick
    On: May 20, 2019 | 273 Views
  • for 1.0 MPI Highline

    Always The Best - Forever

    No comments only compliment. An awesome car in looking and driving as well. It's my favourite car always.

    ಇವರಿಂದ shlok sriwastava
    On: May 05, 2019 | 22 Views
  • My Dream Car.

    It is the best car in this segment. It is my dream car. The looks are very attractive in this car. Overall it is my favorite car. 

    ಇವರಿಂದ manan chandra
    On: Apr 24, 2019 | 23 Views
  • Volkswagen Polo

    Ultimate driving experience because of having polo Comfort line Diesel engine look wise ride wise seating area boot space all the features made by Volkswagen is good to feel the comfort with polo. ಮತ್ತಷ್ಟು ಓದು

    ಇವರಿಂದ arvind kumar
    On: Jun 04, 2019 | 39 Views
  • Thrill Plus Safest Car

    Volkswagen Polo is the best premium car in the segment in terms of looks, safety, and build quality. It's the best car for car driving lovers and it's totally a definitely male car once you get in the car on driving seat. For car lovers, its the best option feel the thrill in Polo.  ಮತ್ತಷ್ಟು ಓದು

    ಇವರಿಂದ manu
    On: Mar 17, 2019 | 50 Views
  • Polo GT

    Volkswagen Polo is such a nice car ever in a low budget. Look like a sharp beast on the roads ready to roar.

    ಇವರಿಂದ anonymous
    On: Mar 05, 2019 | 44 Views
  • Volkswagen Polo

    Volkswagen Polo has eye-catching looks with good fuel efficiency with a new 1000cc Engine. Though 1000cc it gives enough pick up. New drivers will like it, nice Interiors and smooth driveability. Car height sometimes bothers me while getting in & out, once you get settled then it's comfortable. Ground clearance is not up to the mark. ಮತ್ತಷ್ಟು ಓದು

    ಇವರಿಂದ prakashverified Verified Buyer
    On: Mar 01, 2019 | 67 Views
  • for 1.5 TDI Highline Plus

    Volkswagen Polo

    Volkswagen Polo is a very nice and good car. Looks good and runs fantastic. 

    ಇವರಿಂದ naveen
    On: Feb 28, 2019 | 91 Views
  • Volkswagen Polo

    Volkswagen Polo is such a beautiful family car. It has a sporty look and impressive features moreover it gives better mileage.

    ಇವರಿಂದ pradeep
    On: Feb 20, 2019 | 62 Views
  • Volkswagen Polo

    Volkswagen Polo is excellent by looks. The features and performance are awesome.

    ಇವರಿಂದ rajesh
    On: Feb 18, 2019 | 62 Views
  • Volkswagen Polo

    Volkswagen Polo is an awesome car. It gives a nice response of gear shifting and also at an affordable price,  good in looking and amazing comfort. I'm using it for 5 years it's enough time to judge a car. ಮತ್ತಷ್ಟು ಓದು

    ಇವರಿಂದ raval hardik
    On: Feb 14, 2019 | 66 Views
  • Volkswagen Polo

    Volkswagen Polo is a very good car, the vehicle is for driving with amazing safety features. The car looks thundering.

    ಇವರಿಂದ davinder singh
    On: Feb 12, 2019 | 41 Views
  • for GT 1.5 TDI

    Volkswagen Polo

    Volkswagen Polo is the best model for Volkswagen. It has a beautiful look and comfortable. Low maintenance charge, long life battery, airbag and power steering.

    ಇವರಿಂದ obaidul islam
    On: Feb 11, 2019 | 30 Views
  • for 1.0 MPI Trendline

    The Metal Beauty

    One word to describe "The Metal Beauty". Yes, I was stunned by its Amazing build Quality & safety features. I love the dual tone interior of the New Polo & the sporty steering wheel. The new headlamp design was absolutely Superb. Bumper to Bumper inch by inch I was admired by the elegant design of the New Polo. But the maintenance cost is quite hig...ಮತ್ತಷ್ಟು ಓದು

    ಇವರಿಂದ sundar rajan
    On: Feb 06, 2019 | 75 Views
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