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  • bishow asked on 15 Mar 2021

    Kicks or Seltos 1.5 petrol ?? On the basis of ride quality , handling and perfromance.

    • Zigwheels
    • on 16 Mar 2021

    Both cars are good enough. If you want a comfortable car for your family with great interior quality, ride quality and a good feature list at a price, with better fuel efficiency, you may go for Kia Seltos. On the other hand, Nissan Kicks offers a premium interior quality, it gets higher ground clearance, a comparatively better feature list and better safety features too. Moreover, we'd suggest you take a test drive for a better understanding of performance and comfort. [Dealer@https://www.cardekho.com/cardealers

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    • Prakash
    • on 30 Apr 2021

    Kia seltos 1:5 is an under powered vehicle. Its weight to powe ratio is very bad . I had one and used only 9000km ...it struggles a lot in hilly area...you will definitely disappoint if you buy this.... my personal suggestion would be to consider any other brand or go for diesel in seltos which has better torque..

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    • Naveen
    • on 10 Aug 2021

    Sir there is no service station Nr me

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    • 3 Answers
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