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  • niteen asked on 10 May 2021

    I wanted to differences between amt - cvt - and automatic transmission and which one is best from all sides. Then in hatchback which car is best in city use { from IGNIS , GRAND I10 , AMAZE .

    • Cardekho experts
    • on 11 May 2021

    All three are transmission is good. Automated Manual Transmission is the automation of the conventional manual transmission system. There is no big change in terms of design, basic principles in AMT as compared to a manual transmission. AMT only eliminates the driver’s effort for the operation of clutch and gear shifting selection as both are done automatically. As far as their fuel efficiency is concerned, things can be a little different from brand to brand. AMT options come quite close to their manual counterparts when it comes to fuel efficiency and if driven with a light foot, they could probably be even better. CVTs tend to offer a smooth driving experience as they are very linear in their nature and this is quite good for city driving. A CVT requires a smooth driver and this kind of transmission is not built keeping a sporty dynamic in mind. It is thus not the best option if you like picking gaps in traffic or making quick overtakes. The real magic of a CVT comes to light when you check out its fuel efficiency. Drive it with a light right foot, the way it’s meant to be driven, and a CVT will end up offering you excellent fuel efficiency in the city. A torque converter is a good bet for you if your driving includes a mix of different scenarios such as slow city crawls in traffic, long highway stints where you easily cruise at triple-digit speeds or a twisty road that requires you to go through the gears often -- and all of that with the option of still returning a fuel efficiency that would be close to its manual counterpart. As per your requirement, we would suggest you with Maruti Suzuki Ignis because the Grand i10 has been discontinued and is not available for sale in the market, Honda Amaze is not a hatchback. The Ignis' quirks make it quite likeable. When you factor in the class-leading features, the standard safety package, the Ignis proves to be better valued than what it appears at first. Moreover, we would suggest you to take a test drive for a better understanding of performance and comfort. Click on the link and select your desired city for dealership details.

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