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One of the best car's I have ever come across

Back in 2011 we were in search for a new car, our previous car was a Maruti Suzuki Baleno, it was a real beast, performance wise and stability wise, and not one car in that budget would come close to the comfort it offered to its passengers, ride quality was also great, the only drawback being the low ground clearance and large wheelbase but its maintenance was taking a toll on us, thus we decided to exchange it for a new car. We began researching and going through all the latest ads and news of new cars being launched. Initially, we were attracted to the newly launched Toyota Etios, cause since it?s a Toyota, there wouldn?t be any issues with the quality, service, and reliability of the car, plus it did sit in our price range, which was around 5Lacs. One fine day we went on to find their showroom and take a test drive, we couldn't find it, and ended up in the Chevrolet showroom which we saw while searching for the Toyota, I had seen the Beat on the ads but I thought it was too small, but when I entered the showroom and saw the front of the car, I saw something of a hot hatch, funky design and the interiors totally attracted me, the salesperson at the showroom (Nikhil automobiles, Koparkhairne) gave us the look around and all the technical details of the car, we finally got a chance to take a test drive, and I was surprised by the power it packed, the acceleration was really good, ride quality as compared to normal hatches was also great, the interiors were something that made me feel like I was sitting in a real sci-fi car, thanks to the center console lighting, it really looked awesome. We fixed on buying this car (feature wise it was fully loaded as compared to other cars at this price range). Next day we got mom too with us to the showroom and finalized the deal, we got the car in 20 days, we exchanged the old Baleno for it, did the final inspection in the showroom and found two faults in it, which stayed to this day. 1.The door on the right, the front side did not close with a normal push.  2. Finger marks on the spoiler (guess someone couldn't resist touching the car while its paint was still wet. We showed dealer the issues, but since we ourselves couldn't wait any longer and we got the car, I tried to keep the car under 60 for a month, and finally unleashed its potential on the Mumbai-Pune expressway on my way back from Lonavala, I touched 155kmph but the car was stable, it weighs 1345 kgs, which is a lot for a hatch. The tire width was less thus increasing the mileage, but I was only getting 11kmpl (reason was over speeding), so I went for a mileage test, drove the car @70kmph on 5th gear, and it returned a mileage of 19.69kmpl. But frankly, in city conditions, it's just a dream, cause we are forced to shift gears depending on traffic conditions. Gear shifting was an ease, and the power delivery started at 2000 rpm, plus the gears had a short range, I could drive the car at 30kmph in 5th gear, on the whole, I was impressed by the car, the boot was less, and I considered the car as a four-seater and a three seater if I were to drive, my driving style was inspired from the Baleno. Now onto the service, we had 3 years warranty and extended it to 2 more years, the service at Nikhil was really great, parts replacements were done in a jiffy, and it only took 4 hours to service my car (every time), so I used to wait at the showroom, unlike other dealers who used to take two days comparatively, I still own the car, its been 6 years now, and I have never been disappointed by Chevrolet. For me, it was a really good ownership experience thanks to the Chevy?s reliability, quality of service and trust.

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