Skoda Rapid, car best suited a middle class person ಗೆ

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Skoda Rapid, car best suited for a middle class person

Please read it fully it will help you a lot. Hi, this review of the car will explain you all the aspects of the car and will also highlight the various difficulties faced in its maintenance. I will start by saying the looks of the car are average as it is a plain design with not much sharp lines and curves as you can find in cars of other companies such as Toyota and Honda and Hyundai, but nonetheless the exterior is of good quality steel and has sufficient strength. As we move into the interior we see the it might not be appealing as it is also plain but some bits and pieces have been incorporated in the 1.5 TDI as compared to 1.6 TDI which are cruise control, the black package still i would say SKODA has not compromised on quality of plastics used like the dashboard and steering wheel. But the major disadvantage felt is in the seats and the leg space which is cramped and the drivers left leg is resting on the panel( plastic) which becomes irritating if a long drive is meant to be done.As far as the seats are compared they are okay till the point you don't have to put seat covers but as they are mandatory for protection of orignal seat covers so it feels that person is sitting on a rock, but this problem could have been mitigated if there was more leg space for drivers. If we see the rear seats then we can see the there is a huge transmission tunnel going in the middle which makes it a problem for a third person to sit in the back, the a/c vents at the back can be just seen as vents as they are not so effective. Now i come to the driving part which is amazing as the car feels planted on the road and i personally think that if you want the comfort then you need to only drive it on highways( not the chaffeaur driven) because if you do it in cities where traffic is normal then you might need to get your left foot treated as the clutch is not smooth at all as compared to TATA, HYUNDAI,HONDA etc. But overall the driving is experience is excellent because the car feels planted on road and in full control of the driver at all times. Another thing to mention is that after 20000 kms there will be a slight problem in the steering which is that whenever you go in bumps and potholes the driver will actually feel them on steering and the sound will come, but that is natural in SKODA as it is a very heavy car. This characteristic of the car also has disadvantages that one might feel the need to throttle more on hills and especially when you have 5 people sitting in the car, it feels that you are really dragging the car but when you get used to it is feels non problematic. Lastly i come to the service part which is i think is a bit expensive as compared to the cars in this range. The service is not at all less then 8500 and the second service might be 11000/10000 and the third might be 14000. Also the accidental costs are not cheap, so i would like to share my experience which was that a RTV forgot braking and slowly came backwards and bumped in my front part of the car and the damage wad the headlight was broken little bit of bonnet was damaged and the bumper has to be repainted. The cost came to be 21000 but after insurance it was 7500. So i would recommend that you can either chose TATA /TOYOTA because these are the cars with low maintenance and good performance, and please consider the new cars by TATA not the old ones. I have driven almost all the cars of various companies like JAGUAR, BMW, AUDI, CHEVROLET, RENAULT NISSAN, SKODA, VOLKSWAGEN, MERCEDES-BENZ, RENAULT, TOYOTA, TATA. If you need any help you can email me on

ಇವರಿಂದ lakshay
On: jul 02, 2016 | 886 Views
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  • ಎಲ್ಲಾ (296)
  • Mileage (94)
  • Performance (64)
  • Looks (85)
  • Comfort (97)
  • Engine (74)
  • Interior (50)
  • Power (53)
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  • Skoda Rapid - Well-built And Stylish Car

    Skoda Rapid remains identical to the previous model in terms of design and dimensions but has been styled to make it look a bit sportier. The Monte Carlo edition particul...ಮತ್ತಷ್ಟು ಓದು

    ಇವರಿಂದ harshit sharma
    On: Apr 06, 2022 | 766 Views
  • Good Experience In Skoda Rapid

    It is a good experience with Skoda Rapid. Just I like this Skoda Rapid feature. It is also good looking. So I am happy with this car.

    ಇವರಿಂದ kantha cp
    On: Mar 12, 2022 | 71 Views
  • Best Experience Car

    Very nice driving experience, or smooth driving. Low maintenance cost, or very good diesel engine and mileage.

    ಇವರಿಂದ satyendra kumar
    On: Feb 18, 2022 | 77 Views
  • Mileage And Comfort

    Excellent and robust car. Gives good mileage on the highway. I bought it in mid-2021 and drove around 60km, This gives a comfortable ride and good mileage of around 22kmp...ಮತ್ತಷ್ಟು ಓದು

    ಇವರಿಂದ pankaj deswal
    On: Jan 08, 2022 | 5129 Views
  • Skoda Is Best In Compared To Other Cars

    At this price, it's the first choice. Skoda provides all high-level quality in this car. Like safety, power, etc. Nobody beat you with other cars, like Hyundai Verna, Hon...ಮತ್ತಷ್ಟು ಓದು

    ಇವರಿಂದ ajay dalal
    On: Dec 15, 2021 | 1606 Views
  • Super and Safety

    Classy and Punchy. No vehicle in this segment can match the performance. It's a bit high maintenance as the spares are costly.

    ಇವರಿಂದ rushi
    On: Nov 21, 2021 | 80 Views
  • 26kmpl On Highway Mileage

    I have a 2016 diesel model. After 5 years of running, also it works like new and mileage is better than they say. On the highway, this car can give up to 25-26kmpl a...ಮತ್ತಷ್ಟು ಓದು

    ಇವರಿಂದ sujit das
    On: Nov 14, 2021 | 1810 Views
  • Love My Car

    Super satisfied fun to drive with the safety of a tank, superb fuel efficiency and awesome styling.

    ಇವರಿಂದ shalabh mittal
    On: Nov 06, 2021 | 54 Views
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Skoda Rapid
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